4 Muscovies in need of home in Ohio


7 Years
Apr 29, 2012
Montgomery County, Ohio
I have 3 ducks and 1 drake.

Due to a new job and moving out, I need to rehome my 4 babies.

I raised them since they were 1 day old. They are all siblings.

The male is aggressive and does bite. I've tried everything to get him to be more friendly. They were handled everyday since I got them. The females are a bit shy, but once you get them and pet them they calm down. With a little more work they would be really friendly.

Even though they are a heavy breed of duck, the females can fly. They have cleared a 6ft fence, so a 100% enclosed run or clipping their wings is a must.

They have been around dogs since I've got them, they've even been around my cat a little bit. They aren't scared of much.

I hate to re-home them, especially after I just built a coop and a run less than a month ago for them, but they aren't getting the attention they use to get, and deserve.

A good home is a must, and they all must go together.

Please PM me and we can swap info if you are interested in recent pictures of them.
Are you getting rid of the coop and run as well?
I would like to see pictures of them, if you have some. I am in Darke County. What color are they?

Yeah, I'll snap some tomorrow. I don't have any recent.

I have an all white female with blue eyes.
2 of the females are brown and white, one is lighter than the other.
The male is a blackish/blueish color and white.

Yeah, I could get rid of the coop and run as well. The coop isn't the greatest, but it works and they seem to really like it.

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