4 New Chicks - What Was I Thinking??

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by Picky Chicky, Apr 20, 2009.

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    Sep 22, 2008
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    I was determined to add to my flock of five this past weekend and went to two swaps. My goal was to try and find healthy young hens of varied breeds from one owner. I love shooting for the moon. [​IMG]

    I ended up going home with four older chicks (they have their chick fuzz on their heads, but they're growing in their feathers). These four included: Buff Orp, White Leghorn, Cuckoo Maran, and RIR.

    Tonight I'm going to try and upload their pictures and see if you guys can't give me a hand on sexing them. The couple I bought them from were really nice and upfront that they weren't too experienced at sexing - but they'd try. I should have known better because I have the **worst** luck, so I'm betting that I have all roos. No offense to the nice couple. [​IMG]

    Which brings on my second thought... I absolutely can't have a bunch of roos - maybe just one, but not 4. I feel horribly responsible because these little ones didn't ask for me to buy them. DH says that he'd be able to cull them and maybe we could have one or two for dinner but we've never culled any - let alone for dinner before. [​IMG]

    I just hope I'm worrying for nothing. I think I may be a contender for their worst chicken mommy in the world though. [​IMG]
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    Hopefully you didn't get all roos, but once you get some pics posted I'm sure someone on here (more experienced than me) can tell you what you've got. Whatever happens, don't feel bad for buying them. [​IMG] If you do have too many roos and you would feel bad about making dinner out of them, maybe you could sell them, or give them away even. [​IMG]

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