4 new girls have come to roost

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    I got my girls (3 for sure, the jury's still out on the sex of the ameracauna) from their foster mom on Sunday. They're 8 weeks old; one each of black australorp, golden comet, silver-laced Wyandotte, and ameracauna. Their names are 'Ele'ele, Kula, Lihilihi, and Kiko, respectively.

    They're a riot to watch--busy, busy, busy! They've already weeded the fenced-in yard where the dogs run. Next, I'm turning them out in their tractor to start on the lawn. I had to put them in their coop on Sunday night, but just as it started to get twilighty on Monday, they put themselves to bed.

    I built them a 4x4x8' tractor that will have a 4x4x4 coop by the weekend (I hope) for the summer. I am working on a winter quarters, with space partitioned off from the garden shed along with a fenced yard that will measure 8x10'.

    It's interesting that 'Ele'ele is actually about a week older than the others, and she has an adult "buk buk" voice, whereas the other three are still cheeping like babies.

    I'll post some photos as soon as I find a digital camera to borrow.
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    Congrats and Enjoy! [​IMG]

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