4 of 5 "guaranteed 100% pure 'Araucana' " pullets are roos!

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by I Dream 0f Chickens *U*, Jul 20, 2010.

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    May 18, 2010
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    We bought 5 EE chicks a couple of months ago. The guy told me they were all pullets, but something in my gut had me worried about that when he told me they were 100% pure "Aracaunas" too. I have been keeping my eyes on them and 4 of the five had bigger combs than the one, but I kept hoping that that didn't mean much because EEs are mutts. This morning I heard a pitiful crow. So today we have to re-home them to my father in law's flock. My 5 year old daughter was heart broken to find that out. I explained to her that her chick Alla-Grace would be lonely all by herself as tears ploppled down her cheeks.

    Someone have us a quail that they found and I was planning on re-homing her, too, but my daughter was hoping to keep the quail and Alla-Grace together. Would that work? Right now the quail is in a cage next to the coop, but they can all see each other. I never put her in with the others because she is so small and I was dealing with a feather picking issue at the time.

    I don't want to break my daughter's heart a second time by trying it out if y'all don't think it could work to begin with. Got any advice?
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    Ypu can slowly try to integrate them Just place them in the home and see how they act/react to eachother.
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    The quail is going to be much more flighty than the chicken, just keep in mind that they are game birds not fat domesticated birds like chickens. They'll be able to fly sooner, run faster, jump better, and it will probably not be all that people friendly. It should get along with the chicken just fine though, and the chicken will outgrow it really fast- at which point you have to make sure the chicken is not harassing the quail. Some mother them, some try to kill them, and it's always a gamble.
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    Becareful, quals and chickens shouldnt be mixed together, chickens carry diseases that chickens themselves are inmune to but quails arent and vise versa, but its mainly the chickens who carry those kind of disases, check on the quail forum theres somne post on people who've lost some quails like that, I raise my quails and chickens sparate from each otrher forthis reason. and if you decide to go ahead and put them together anyways again becareful, quails are vicious little birds they can kill your chicken.

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