4 of 8 previously healthy 3 week old Sussex chicks dead after 3 days...

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    Jun 21, 2017

    We hatched 8 Sussex chicks (4 buff and 4 light) 3 weeks ago. All seemed very lively and healthy, and were well in to starting to develop their early feathers...

    However, 3 days ago - we spotted one of the buffs looking a little quiet. It had fluffed up / stretched out his wings, was looking a bit wobbly on its feet and when picked up, was pushing himself back with his legs. We wondered if it was heat related as we are in the south of France and it coincided with a strong heatwave around 36-38 degrees C. Given this - we had been keeping them in their brooder in the cellar for the last couple of weeks where we had been able to maintain around a 22 - 25 degrees C. They have always had cool water and even at one point a fan which they seemed to hate. Also they have never really showed any overheating symptoms eg. panting etc. Given this - I had ruled out overheating.

    Sadly - this little chick died after about 12 hours, and we have now lost a further 3 to the same symptoms - wobbly on their feet, fluffed up feathers, standing very still, and laboured breathing.

    Of the remaining 2 light and 2 buff, the lights look bigger, stronger and livelier, but one of them has looked a little off colour over the last few hours. The 2 buffs sadly look a little worse and are standing very still and looking a bit sad.

    Being a bit new to this (we have previously only hatched 4 light Sussex - all of which developed well and are currently 3 months old and looking strong), we have done the obligatory research and have come up with the following potential culprits...;

    a) vitamin deficiency - though they have always been fed on good quality crumb and over the last few days have been on a supplement. Also - with so many falling ill - it seems unlikely.

    b) Mareks disease....this to us seems the likely culprit and if people on the forum feel the same - any advice on our situation would be greatly appreciated...

    c) Coccidiosis - given the hot weather etc...however haven't particularly noticed and diarrhoea

    Once again - any help would be so gratefully received. We feel so helpless watching them all slowly succumb to something horrible given how happy and strong they all were only a few days ago...


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    Cocci would be my first guess. Have you purchased some Corid yet?

    At 3 weeks old you would not want the to be any hotter then around 80 degrees.
    I would never put a fan on chicks.
    Welcome to BYC!
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    Jun 21, 2017

    Hi - thanks for the reply. We are picking up some treatment for cocci from the local vets this evening. Fingers crossed...

    Hopefully given the thickness of the insulation in the cellar - they won't have been subjected to heat above 80 since the heatwave began.
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