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    Jun 18, 2014
    Yesterday afternoon before my soccer game, 4 little wood ducks wandered into my yard with no mama in sight. I stayed around, watching from a distance, hoping mama would come back but no luck. We do have 2 hawks, an owl, and two dogs (one is a duck dog) that could have gotten her. I know that she is gone, but I want these little guys to survive. My mother told me to leave them because "we don't want mama to abandon them if she smells my scent on them" and I should have argued the point because mama's already gone and birds don't have a sense of smell. They seemed to be old enough to peck for their own bugs; they didn't have an egg tooth anymore. I'm really hoping it isn't too late for them. I texted my mom to go find them and put some of my chicken feed out for them.

    Is there any chance at all they're still alive? Even just one? I really want them to be ok. I will be heading home from school later today to help look for them.

    Also, do they get along with chickens? I have a Dark Cornish Rooster.

    And if you have any ideas on how to find them or lure them so we can catch them, that would be awesome!

    Thank you so much!! I'm so worried for them!!!
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