4 pet quality roosters - 3 Black COpper Marans 1 Blue Jersey Giant

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    I have 4 roosters that are needing new homes. They are PET quality, not breeding quality so they are priced as such. They are gentle, just have been dewormed, and the older boys are ready to guard your girls as they free range. I will entertain best offers and will discount if all are taken. I have plenty of roosters so I only need to keep what I will be using. I will include details on why they are pet quality. So please pet or flock guard inquires only! Add some eye candy to your flock.

    1) Black Copper Marans he will be a year old next month. $35. I am keeping two of his brothers. He does have more color on the breast.
    2) Black Copper Marans. He will be a year old in May. I am keeping his sister. Has white fluff and ligher halo on hackles. $15 good guard prospect.
    3) Black Copper marans. Sire is pictured below (I need to update pictures). He hatched in November. $10. He has more color on the breast but THICK THICK THICK body build!
    4) Blue Jersey Giant. He came from Taylor Hobby Farms and is an April hatch. $15. Very gentle! And will be a big boy in another year. His fault is that his back point of the comb touches the skull. I am keeping his shorter and darker brother.

    Thank you!

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