4 pullets, one not maturing

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    The problem we see, is we got these 4 chicks at 3 days old; almost identical little "penguins", (Barred Rocks) back around April (Easter).

    Their development has been quite different among them. 2 developed combs and wattles about 6 weeks ago, and began doing the "squat", (haha...funny descriptor). [​IMG]

    The 3rd pullet to start doing this, did so about a week or so later, also coming in a bit later with comb and wattles.

    We're getting 1 to 3 eggs a day, mostly 2 a day, very firm shells and just gorgeous! [​IMG]

    The 4th still has a very small comb and almost no wattles, and shrieks and shies away if we try to pet her (no "squat" behavior like the other 3). So from this we guess she is, for some reason, not maturing as the others of her age have, ie, not ready for mating or laying eggs.

    We have seen at various times the other 3 in the nest box, but this 4th one only goes to look and we have not seen her go in, ever. She also gets picked on when there are goodies given. She's definitely lowest on the pole there.

    Her size is on par with the other 3, so she DOES get to eat...just not as much as the others.

    What do you think?

    Appreciate the experience here, and thank you! [​IMG]

    Just FYI, these are PETS....the eggs are a benefit.
    They have a home for life here..[​IMG]

    Their names in order of laying are:

    Molly (of the double yolks)
    Mimi..it sucks to be Mi (mi)
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    It doesn't really sound all that abnormal. There can be a a pretty big difference in start of lay even within same breed/age chicks. Part of it could be that she's low hen, and not getting quite enough food for her body to have the extra needed to produce eggs, but it's just as likely that she is late maturing. You could put out an extra feeder and waterer so the other hens can't keep her away as easily and see if that helps.
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    We have a Black Star that was the last to mature. She was about four weeks later than the rest of the flock. Don't worry chances are she will be just fine. [​IMG]

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