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    Apr 25, 2011
    My plans are to breed WHeaten Marans, FBCM's and Birchens. I have a Wheaten Marans cockerel, 25 week old that looks good, he is currently in the coop/run with my layer flock. I have hatched out 2 FBCM Cockerels, they are currently 15 weeks old, and I also have a Cuckoo Marans cockerel of the same age. The last 3 cockerels are in my "breeder" coop/run with pullets of the same age, 1 FBCM, 1 Blue splash, 1 Wheaten and a couple of others that I am not going to breed (yet). WHen I get ready to breed I am going to separate accordingly, but my current question is.... the WHeaten in one pen starts crowing so they all go back and forth pretty much for hours... [​IMG] Wuld it be best to put all of the cockerels in the same pen together until I start breeding later? Will that calm them down any? The cuckoo Marans will be going to freezer camp real soon, even though he is very good looking (unless I can determine he is a blue... he is very light blueish tinted compared to my other cuckoo roo I used to have). I am hoping to get a couple of decent Birchen Marans cockerels and of course pullets out of the eggs I have in the incubator currently.
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    At one point I had a total of 4 roos in 3 diff pens; only 2 of them would go back & forth with the crowing--the top roo in my EE & Ameracauna pen& the roo in my cull pen. the 2nd in command in the EE/Am pen is fairly quiet & the roo in my BO pen doesnt crow much. He sounds like he's hoarse when he does, but I'd rather hear that than the shrill crow of the others.
    I may regret when my other 2 cockrels start crowing...especially when the 2 others in the neighborhood have at least one roo each!
    As for putting yours together, have they ever been around each other? I free range my pens at separate times to keep my roos from fighting, but they still try to go at it between the pens.
    If you introduce them into one pen, I would think there is going to be an awful lot of racket coming from just establishing the pecking order.
    Are any of the pens in close proximity to each other so that they are familiar with each other by sight/smell?
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    Tiger Lily - I'm sorry you flunked chicken math - maybe you could take a few classes during winter break or later during summer school. I'm sure you'll get the hang of it.
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    Apr 25, 2011
    The two runs are side by side, they see each other everyday. The only thing keeping them apart is the chicken wire in between them right now. The WHeaten was the 2nd in Command up till just over a month ago, when my other Cuckoo Marans Roo decided he was going to attack the kids when they went into the run to feed them. He never even crowed until 2 weeks after the other roo was gone. He is still not very dominant.. the hens will chase him every once in awhile still. I think I will give it a try this weekend, under close observation though....

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