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Sep 7, 2009
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Silver Appleyard Hatching Eggs

$4.00/egg up to 18 in a medium flat rate box

flat rate priority shipping: $15.00

Holderread stock as well as independent breeders

ALL of our flocks free range in seperate flocks/pastures.

All waterfowl are fed mazuri waterfowl feed and whole grains.

2012 summer juveniles growing out

feel free to ask any questions.

Orders can be PM'd here through BYC or e-mail [email protected]

*******Your eggs will be shipped in bubble wrap with packing peanuts to ensure the eggs arrive in the best condition possible, however once the package leaves my hands I can not be responsible for the handling of your package. The post office has been known to delay packages, drop and throw them, and expose them to high heat. For these reasons I can't be held responsible for their handling and care once I had them over to the post office. All of our eggs are test set long before we offer eggs for sale. We have 96-100 hatch rates with our incubators here on the farm.
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I'm thinking of getting some Silver Appleyard ducks, but my incubator is occupied until December 5. Do you think you will have some eggs available in early December?
I'd love to buy duck eggs for the New Years' Day Hatch. Do you think shipping them in the morning of Friday, Nov. 30 would get them here on Monday, Dec. 3? (That way they could rest for a day before setting them.)

My bigger incubator is occupied past when I'd need to set for New Year's, but I have a Brinsea Mini, which will fit a maximum of 7. Can I buy 6+ and have them shipped on November 30? How much is shipping for them?

We are in adjacent states, so I feel pretty good about it as long as you can get to the post office in the morning. Even if it does take an extra day I can still set on Tuesday and just not start the turning till the next day to allow for "resting."

So is the total $39 for a half dozen with shipping? Do you take Paypal?
I'll PM you with my address and phone number.

Can't wait!

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