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11 Years
Jul 24, 2008
Clark CO. IL 25 Chicken Years
I need to find the right home for these three. They are best of buddies and need to stay together. These are pets, good for little more than entertainment and weed trimming. They like treats and attention. They get along well with dogs, cats, chickens, geese, ducks, etc,....

If you are interested please let me know. I need to get out the door now, but I can post more later.
I have a lot of pictures I can email to you.

Delivery is possible.

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Yeah, I'm supposed to be helping cut firewood right now, but since I'm still here.... (Hubby is ready to go, hee hee)

Mini horse.... stallion, 4 year old

pygmy goat wether, 4 years

sheep wether, age unknown to me, somebody's 4H project abandoned after the fair (thinks he's a dog)

The quickest way for me to send you photos will be direct email, I have trouble figuring out how to post them here.
Later today I'll work on that. But, if you want to see them now PM me an email address.
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Took the liberty of sending a few photos to the top address in your signature line. I just noticed it.
I'll be out of touch a lot today, but I will check in as time allows.
That mini is adorable. I have a mini mare but am trying to get my mini Jacks to "get with the program" so I can get mini mules. Dang if you were closer I would probably take them, hubby would shoot me , but he also said the Jacks could'nt stay when I went to get them, he opened the trailer door and went AWWWWW!!!! They are still here....
Let me send and email to someone who does rescues, she has a mini jenny that is heading up that way somewhere..... I am probably getting myself in trouble for even checking in to this........

Just wondering if I can hitch them a ride back this way for cheap.

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