4 SILKIES in Black & Buff SOLD...GONE

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    Oct 6, 2009
    S.W Pennsylvania
    ALREADY SOLD to scsports, do not bid or buy....
    I have 4 silkie chicks to rehome. They're about 8 weeks. Hatched by me, from a breeder's eggs.
    the 2 buff are light buff, one vaulted.
    the 2 black come from partridge parents, so may breed partridge.
    Gender undetermined still, but suspect cockerel on the buffs.
    All have good foot feathering & 5 toes well-spaced.

    Any or all free to good home. Can pick up or meet.

    The picture isn't current. I can email or upload a current one on request.

    Located N. of Pittsburgh.
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