4 standard WCB Polish eggs for sale! TN SOLD! thanks

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11 Years
Sep 3, 2008
east tn
There's actually 5, but one is older and I'm not sure of its hatchability(if that's a word), but it's worth a a shot!

I only have one hen laying at this time so I'm selling eggs in groups of four to ensure freshness.

The rooster is a White Crested Blue and the hen is a White Crested Black. I really think that these are gorgeous! but I'm biased!

I won't make any promises on the quality of these, so you decide based on the pictures.

I got these at a show in November and I've never seen any sign of unhealthiness. I have gotten 6/6 fertility on these guys! but eggs can always be damaged in the mail!
it will be 12$ Including shipping!
Or I would love to trade for SQ Silkies, Showgirls, Cochins/Cochin frizzles, (true)Araucanas, or dark egg laying Marans, but I'm open to all offers so, try me!!!

eggs will be shipped from 37708. Thank you!!!!

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