4 sweet Hens need a good home - SW Florida



Hi all, I currently have four pet Hens, Rhode Island Reds, that need a new home as my parents moving and I won't be able to take them with me. I am very heartbroken about the situation, but finding a good home for them would ease that hurt. We got them 5/5/2020 and they were 7 weeks old at the time.
They are pretty smart - for chickens - they know their collective name and come when they're called. All are currently laying eggs. The girls are the only pets I have, so they're not familiar with other animals, except the occasional wild rabbit.

They are very healthy, they get daily vitamins added to their feed, along with daily electrolytes in their water. They aren't that noisy - other than when they lay an egg (usually after 9am, the latest 4pm) or if they get separated and can't find each other - other than that, they make happy hen chirps.

Their wings have never been trimmed, two of the hens like to show off their flying skills and will fly on top of their chicken tractor (about 4 feet), they are used to foraging in my fenced property and have never attempted to fly over the fence. I usually let them out in my yard around 5pm and when they run around, they tend to stick to shady spots.

I'll of course include any feed, treats, litter, vitamins, etc that I have, as well as the feeder itself and milk crate nesting boxes, should you need them. Again, my priority is that they go to a quality home.

I'm located in the Golden Gate Estates area of Naples (Collier County) 34120.

Please feel free to share this with any potential Chicken parent that may be a great match to my hens ❤️


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Update: there ARE chicken people in Collier County!! My pet hens have found a new home, I found someone through a mutual friend. I'm glad BYC has this forum, in case other people aren't as lucky. And who knows, maybe when I'm settled in the future, I'll be able to start a new flock from rescues posted here. Good luck to everyone searching for a new home for their feathered babies 🤍

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