4 week chick sniffling and sleeping a lot?


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Jul 4, 2018
Less than a week ago my family purchased two ~4 week Jersey Giant chicks, and we've had issues with one of them sniffling to the point we're concerned. You can hear mucus when she breathes and sounds somewhat raspy. She's also done a bit of sneezing, and her eyes are always a little closed and look as though they could be crusty. She also sleeps way more than our other one, mostly while standing up and with her head twisted around and resting on her back like a duck.

Currently, she's living in my garage because it's somewhat warmer than the 40-60 degrees F it's been outside, and they have a heat lamp on them, plus a bed of straw.

Because we lost the only other friend of my silkie, we introduced her to the chicks right away so she wouldn't be lonely, which I realize was probably a naive decision.

So far, I've put ACV in the water, and will give her VetRX very soon. She's separated from the others in a clean environment until we see things improve. I'm afraid we'll lose her and infect the others if she has a serious respiratory disease.

What's your advice? Is there anything else I can do, and does this sound like a serious condition?
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I would check to see if her crop is emptying overnight. A sour or slow emptying puffy crop can also cause gurgling. I wouldn’t waste time or money on ACV or Vet Rx, but they won’t do any harm. There is no ingredient in them to prevent or treat a respiratory infection. If you see watery foamy eyes, nasal drainage, swelling of the eye or face, snezzing or gasping, it probably is the start of a respiratory disease, such as infectious bronchitis, MG, or others. Tylan 50 injectable, an antibiotic sold in the cattle medicines, can be helpful to treat symptoms of MG.

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