4 Week Indian Runners

May 18, 2018
I have 6 awesome Indian Runner females that are 4 weeks old today. They are growing so fast that I wonder if it's time to go outside.

The temperature here is 80 F during the day and the lowest is 65 F at night. They have a secure enclosure. I moved my full-grown males to stay with the pig. The girls are not fully feathered yet but they are getting there.

The big concern is that my husband and I have to go away for a few days to my aunt's funeral and my brother-in-law will be watching the house. I just want to make it easier for him. Is it too soon?
If they are 4 weeks old, they can go outside. As long as it doesn't dip below 60 degrees at night they will be fine. Once they are fully feathered, they can take any temp.

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