4 week old BPR lethargic, wont eat or drink! edit: Gone, thanks anyway


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Mar 15, 2008
My 4 week old BPR is lethargic, i can't get him to eat or drink or anything. yesterday he was picking at his feet, so i thought he might have mites or something, and now today he is like this. Please help, i don't know what to do, i have brought him in the house, and he is in a basket, and i put a lamp over him, cause he feels cold. He moves some, but not alot.
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Oh dear. It sounds like you are doing the right thing. cAn you offer him something yummy like a mashed cooked egg yolk or just a nice warm mash made from his chick feed? Have you tried dipping his beak to drink?
Good luck! I know how hard it is to have an ailing chick!
ok, couldn't get him to drink out of bowl, so tried dropper, he is feeling well enough to fight me when i try to stick it in his mouth. still won't even try to eat or drink
Be very careful not to get any in his lungs or he may aspirate.
When we've hand-fed chickens water, we just dribble it alongside the beak with the eye-dropper... they usually open their beak and drink some.

How are his droppings?
I see you updated, and he died.
sorry to hear that..very sad.

you say the roo was 4 weeks old?
wasn't he in a brooder with a heat lamp?

what all were you feeding?
please describe his droppings..color and consistency.

did he show any other symptoms?
you say he was panting?

asking these questions in case you have other chicks, to help prevent other losses.
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he was in a 6ft by 8 ft coop with 3 heat lamps for warmth, and 11 other chicks in with him besides. Thermometer said it was between 85 and 90 in there.

Feeding medicated chick starter grower.

Couldn't tell for sure which droppings were his in the coop, but at the last they were a light yellow color.

The day before, he had been picking at his feet, and I thought he might have mites, so I put some vaseline on his feet. When i brought him in he was breathing heavy, and couldn't seem to hold his head up, wouldn't eat, wouldn't drink, just laid around sleeping.
I felt his crop, it wasn't lumpy like it was full or anything. and i really couldn't find anything else wrong with him except what i described above.
Everyone else in the pen is still acting healthy, and doing fine, so i dunno.
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85-90 degrees is too warm for four week olds...
you need to ensure they ccan get away from the heat too...
Temps should be lowered five degrees each week.
:aww ...so very sorry you lost your bird
Thanks, for the input, None of the other chicks seemed to be bothered by the warmth. I dunno what it was. Everyone else is doing great. happy healthy, and lively. Maybe he just had something wrong to begin with, and it took a while to show up?

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