4 week old chick Severely Pecked


May 26, 2020
Long story short; chicks were just spending a few hours a day outside. Coop has separated area from original flock. Some how she either got through or husband didn't notice she ran into portion of coop with original flock. She was missing for about 24 hours & my husband found her in the main pen, severely pecked. Head, neck mostly. Skull appears intact. Last night when we found her, I irrigated the area gently with sterile saline & applied some antibiotic ointment. We placed her in a separate enclosure but against the enclosure her sister chicks are in. She drank (added electrolytes & vitamins to her water), ate, chirped, walked, stood, eyes clear, pecking at enclosure expressing wanting to be with her sister chicks; as they were doing from their enclosure. Today she is very lethargic. She's had a few sips of water, I haven't seen her eat; however, there are some droppings. I irrigated the area again & applied the blue anti-bacterial/antifungal as I've read to do. She does chirp & is able to stand. But she's mostly sleeping. I just irrigated again (this time under tepid running water to be sure the dirt is cleared from her wounds & feathers & applied more antibiotic ointment & as I type she is wrapped in a towel & sleeping on my chest. My heart is breaking for her. Is she just exhausted from the ordeal or is she failing? She doesn't appear distressed, no difficulty breathing, only chirps when she's not snuggle up against me or is sleepingin her enclosure. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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