4 week old chick with swollen shut eye


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Apr 19, 2009
Rayne Louisiana
I have a chick that has a eye that is shut. When I tried opening it to put drops, I noticed it was swollen inside and a little blood started coming out. Should I cull this or is there something that I can do? This is a chick that is with the rest of the flock bc a broody hen hatched it out. I am also in the process of treating my flock with duramycin with a respiratory problem. Sneezing has slacked off, but there is still a few with runny noses...It has only been a couple days that I have had them on the antibiotic.
What amt of duramycin are you putting in the water
also are you making new duramycin water every 8 hrs
if not then do so as durmycin depletes in strength in 8 hrs and is wasted effort and time
this respiratory disease is limited as to time it helps the birds recover

DO NOT STOP TILL 10 DAYS IS UP giving the druamycin

are you giving the meds of duramycin at the rate of 2 tsp per gallon?
if not do so and keep them on the duramycin for 10 days

also give them some help with the
wet mash probiotic

1 qt of dry crumbles
1-1/2 qt of milk
1 cup of yoguart
1 cup of applesauce put the apple sauce on last so they will eat the probiotic

also you can buy a probiotic powder and add some to the mix

this is very good as the birds need the gut flora rebooted up when giving medication

any questions email me

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