4 week old chicks in with day old chicks, advice.

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by GD91, Aug 30, 2013.

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    Aug 1, 2013
    I had 2 day old chicks hatch yesterday in my mini incubator.
    So last night I brought in my 4 week olds (these are all Pekin bantams btw) & put them in the dog cage. Then I got the incubator with the little day olds in & put that in the dog cage to. All the birds looked at each other, pecked the glass a little & then settled on opposite sides of the glass together. [​IMG]

    This morning I got up & my 2 chicks were running around much better... So I took the 3 out & let the young chicks out in the cage. They toddled about a bit investigating everything, so I picked up the 4 week old hen (who has the best temperment, she is very sweet) & put her in with them.
    Immediately the 2 tiny chicks ran up to her & followed her to the food dish. She didn't peck them or try & bully them off & she took care not to step on them. I couldn't believe it, so I chucked one of the 4 week boys in to. The tiny chicks ran upto him & pecked his beak, crest & eventually poked him in the eye because he had flopped under the lowered heatlamp without batting an eye lid at them. He didn't even retaliate, just jumped up & then turned around & lay down again. One of the little chicks even dared to then jump on his back.

    It was pretty much the same with the 3rd 4 week old cockerel. [​IMG]

    I wasn't expecting the result, I thought it was a really long shot & the older chicks would bully the little ones as they are about 1/5 of the size if not less & one of the cockerels has a red crest now. If anything the little fluffy ones have been trying to boss the bigger birds about, but they have just been docile to the point where the babies are ruling the roost.

    They have been following the bigger birds & have been shown how to eat & drink now. The older birds are letting them wriggle beneath them amongst their feathers & snuggle in a group as well as climbing all over them when they lie down & taking food.

    I suppose it was the best result I could have hoped for [​IMG] I really want to post pic's but I haven't got a camera!

    Only thing is, the cage is not big enough for all 5 of them, but I don't want to split them up. Would the babies be ok with the older chicks & the heatlamp in the large coop outside?
    Its still very warm here, but I worry about the babies locating the heatlamp in the corner. If they follow the older birds it won't be a problem, there is plenty of lighting in there so they can always see at night.


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