4 week old chicks... little help here. :)


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May 15, 2012
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So I hatched eggs in the classroom. They gave the eggs to me free, but the deal was that they just came as an assortment with no information whatsoever. Which was fine for what we wanted. ANYWAY... I had an assortment of brown and white eggs, and of course, they mostly hatched overnight so I had NO CLUE who came out of which egg.

Fast forward 4 weeks later, and I've fallen in love with the two that I took home. (The others went to a very nice farm and a lot of chicken friends.) I have two little chicks that I'm PRAYING are both hens... and I have NO CLUE what they might be...

Here are some pictures of the little darlings... They are VERY spoiled lap chickens. Can I get some guesses as to breed and gender? If we suspect one might be a roo, I'd like to know now so we can prepare to get another one for who we have left. I don't want any lonely ladies. (We can't have roosters in the city limits.)

This is a picture of both... Bottom is Eleanor (or Elliott)... top is Ginger (or George)


I don't know about Eleanor/Elliot but i'm 99.99% sure that Ginger/George is a rhode island red. Mine look the exact same! I from here can't tell the sex, but if you gently spread the vent open, you could tell if it is a girl or boy. (if something pops out of the vent, it's most likely a male):)
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neither look like ee's and the red one could be a prodution red as thats what most hatchery rir's are (or so ive been told and have read)
I did see another picture of a Ginger look-a-like that someone said was a Production Red. :) SO that's a cross between a rhode island and something else?
it would be great to wait until more feathers have grown in. The coloring could rule out a lot of breeds such as production reds etc, but I still stick with my RIR guess.

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