4 week old chicks living in greenhouse - is it too cold for them?


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Oct 5, 2009
I'm in the UK and these 4 week old chicks are living in my greenhouse. Tonight temp will be 12 degrees. At the moment they go in a box with lots of clean shredded paper. I'm just a bit worried that it might be too cold for them. Anyone with any experience????
Any ideas as to whether they are hens or roosters? Thank you.

Not sure what 12 degrees C translates to in F, but I think I'd want a heat source for them out there. A lamp would probably be kinda scary with the shredded paper, but maybe a heat pad under part of the box? If you don't have power there and can't run an extention cord you can use the stick on your back/shoulder disposable kind--Therma care is what I use under the rabbits nesting boxes when they kennel in the cold weather.

With no drafts and at 4-weeks old I'd mostly be worried about the lower temps at night and not so much during the day time.

I think your white one may be a roo and the black one a pullet, but I'm no expert. Hopefully you'll get somemore responses soon. They sure are cute!
The white one certainly looks very rooish already

Is that the temp that it will be inside the greenhouse??? Can you provide them with a heat lamp? They appear to have most of their feathers...... but even at that stage they would still huddle under or near mama hen for warmth...especially in that kind of cold.

If it were me, I'd bring them inside the house or provide a heat lamp and make sure there are no drafts where they are being kept. Once they're fully grown, with the proper shelter, they should be fine.
That would be around 53 F Might be a little chilly - I'd keep a close eye on them, and make sure they have an enclosed little area to cuddle up in.
Will the greenhouse hold the temp higher than that?
Well they huddle up together in a very thick cardboard box. It's this box that is filled with shredded paper. They've always been outside and I'm reluctant to start bringing them indoors as I don't want too much of a heat change (we have central heating on in UK at moment).
If they are huddling all the time then they are most likely too cold and seeking warmth.... I would add a heat lamp. If they are active and running about and huddling only when asleep.... then they are probably fine and are adjusting to the temp change.

I however always ere on the side of caution.
No they run about like mad during day. They go in box and huddle up when it starts to get dark. They are all shut up now and asleep.
Even just a 60W bulb down where they can get near it can provide heat if needed. A heat lamp would probably offer a wider area of heat and choice for them.

I use a heat lamp for my winter babies where they can get to it and then only keep an eye out in case they get suddenly wet in downpour - once wet they die quickly.

Slightly damp chicks chill easy, you have a lot of fog/damp, I'd provide a light.

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