4 week old Pullets or Roos? Araucana & Pekin


Nov 6, 2018
E648C63F-0F21-4B96-9513-366BDEC38393.jpeg C67C6CD4-3766-4185-ABE9-E51B66B0B81D.jpeg 395AAE86-64C6-449D-A253-A0CB177C06C5.jpeg 4BE03C7F-B6CF-40DC-B2D8-1FA4900DC45B.jpeg E2D83908-E413-4890-9739-3E00A17C4DD6.jpeg 688A723F-8546-4669-963E-9FA4F52C2D79.jpeg Hi, I’m a newbie to raising baby chicks. I was given a couple of baby’s to place under my broody silkie who took on the role of being their mummy. They are now 4 weeks old and I am not sure on the sex of 2 of them as I have never had these breeds before.

Chick 1- lavender Araucana
Chick 2- Pekin bantam

Both 4 weeks old

Any help on pullets or too?

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