4 week old wyandottes sexing? (Updated pics 6 weeks)


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I looked at their wing feathers day 1-3 .3 of then showed clear saw tooth pattern 1 had all one length ( barred). How ever I now think the SLW may be a Roo :( as it has no back feathering compared to rest and the barred which I think should be a Roo is one of the most feathered out.

Just looking for others opinions I can,t keep any Roos but I know it may take another few weeks to be certain




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At four weeks, to me, 1,2,4 look like roos and 3 is iffy but looks like a potential roo.
I know how you feel, my BLRW kept turning into roos all summer. At four weeks I think most people go by comb size and color, don't like to see any pink and the smaller the better, then lack of feathering, size of feet or how sturdy the bird is and general upright stance.
6 weeks old. SLW has clear pink wattles now the rest still don't . They are still under red lamp making them look pinker. Are they still all Roos? The rear glw is the next pinkest so I,m dubious but the 2 at the sides have yellow combs / pretty flat still

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Well, the SLW and GLW are so pretty! SLW are my favorite colored birds I've seen so far. Of course, I don't have any...lol.
And that new pic is way too hard to see even their faces, so not much help, sorry!

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