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Apr 30, 2007
till my mare, Stormie, and I do our first Limited Distance endurance race - 25 miles. (Funny how Stormhorse23's mare is Stormy, too!

We've been training since Christmas, but the weather has been so bad this winter that we've mostly been riding inside. Today was finally nice enough we went out on a 5 mile practice run. It's the first time we actually knew how FAR we were going. Before we knew how LONG we were riding. But never the distance.

She did extremely well and (sigh of relief) so did I. She didn't hardly break a sweat and I was just as fresh as when we started. We did about half walking and half trotting and finished in about 1 hour. If we can do that pace at the race, we will finish well under the 6 hour minimum.

Where before I was just so worried about this first ride, now I'm starting to relax and realize it IS going to be fun!

Here is a picture of Stormie and I taken back in January on a rare day when it was nice enough to go outside.

Well, I had to go look......

Her stud was RW Knight Wind. His mother was Share of Gazon which came from Farazdac on both sides. His Stud was Rhinestone Dude and it looks like he came out of Niga and El Niga.

Her mother was a paint. RW Stormy. She is out of Colored Express and Brande La Rue who has Top Deck and Go Man Go on the top side.

I'm not really good at telling good lines, though I've definitely heard of Go Man Go and Top Deck.....so maybe you can tell me? She's a good mare, very willing and can go forever. She was cut extremely badly on a back leg as a two year old and we put her out to pasture. She wasn't broke till last year because we weren't sure how that cut leg would respond, but it hasn't caused her one ounce of problem since we started training. (knock on wood). The vet gave her a clean bill of health last week and we've been putting on the miles every week. She's ready, I'm just not sure if I am.
Good luck and have fun!

What a pretty horse and you look so good together! Let us know how the race goes.

Cheering for you and Stormie.

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