4 Welsummer pullets 5 weeks old SF Bay area pick up only

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    Jan 28, 2014
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    They are 5 weeks old and have all the wing feathers. They will still need heat for 1 week, they are in my garage brooder under a 75 watt bulb. I live in Union City (just North of Fremont) a few blocks off 880. Ten dollars each. I also have 1 Golden laced wyandotte chick that is the same age, also 10.

    I also have 8 straight run baby chicks. Father is a Blue Copper Marans. 2 of the chicks have a Welsummer mother and 4 have Black Australorp mother. All chicks have feathered legs. I can take back any rosters. You should be able to tell if they are roos or pullets by two months (long before they start crowing). Hens will lay dark eggs, some may be chocolate. 6 dollars each.

    * first picture Black Australop/Blue copper Marans mix (these look just like BCM chicks). The Australop lay a lot of eggs. One of the best layers around. They're eggs a dark brown but not as brown as the Wellsummer so they eggs will most likely be dark brown but not chocolate.

    * second and third Wellsummer/Blue copper Marans mix (These have the red on the beaks like Welsummers but all look to have the blue gene. Since both breeds lay a dark egg theses should lay very dark brown or chocolate eggs.

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