4 wk old chicks with blood in stool


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My 4 week old chicks were vaccinated for Cocci when I got them from McMurray, and I had them on unmedicated starter and everybody was doing great.
Over the past few days, I've noticed some loose stools and some blood in the stool. I looked for Corrid but it was pretty expensive at Tractor Supply ($25), so I just switched them to medicated starter.
Everybody is still eating and acting fine, but do you think I need to do something else? How long will the medicated feed take to work? If I need to buy the medication, I will, but I didn't want to spend the money if I didn't have to.
Let me know what you all think. In the meantime, I'm cleaning the brooder like crazy. Never had problems with cocci before and thought the vaccine would be extra insurance, but now I don't know.
If it were coccidia, they most likely would be dead by now. They wouldnt be eating/drinking normally, they would be fluffed up, lethargic, unthrifty appearance. Most likely they have possibly shed intestinal lining which is normal on occasion. However, I've never known it to happen in 4 week old chicks. Since they've been vaccinated for cocci, I think it's safe to say they'll be ok. For now, I'd just keep an eye on them and make sure their water is clean as well as everything else. If they continue shedding blood more often than not, there may be an issue and corid might be needed.
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Actually, I think mine resemble the ones with shed intestinal lining in it, so I think I'll hold off and keep an eye on them.

Interestingly, I called McMurray to get their take on it since they administered the vaccine, and they said it was probably a GI infection and to give teramycin. I think that is probably premature, but thought I would see what you all thought.

Thanks again for the links and info.
If you think the poo is shed intestinal lining and they are acting fine, then they wouldn't need treatment for anything, IMO.

If they act sick, like Dawg53 said, then that is another matter. Medicated feed does NOT treat cocci. It only helps to prevent it.

Medicated feed also, I have read, ruins the cocci vaccine protection.
I don't know what time frame this is true for (see the red lettering on this page):
I'm one of the non medicated feed people. I've never used it and only lost a few birds, usually silkies, to cocci. Almost all my birds at some point would get it, poop a little blood, and become resistant and/or immune. There are MANY strains of cocci, some deadly and some not. I don't know a lot about the vaccine and question how a vaccine can work against cocci since it's not a virus or even considered a bacteria. Maybe just the exposure to it creates resistance. If the birds aren't acting sick I wouldn't worry.
Treat with Sulmet and then start adding Tumeric to their feed as an anticocci preventative... When in doubt... treat em.. It is better safe than starting over.. and letting them shed oxcysts...

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