4 wk old RIR bitten by dog

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  1. 22Renee22

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    May 7, 2012
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    Please help me. My 4 Week Old RIR was bitten by a dog this evening. It is above his left wing. Wound a little smaller than a dime. Skin is missing and muscle is visible. Could possibly be a puncture wound.However I do not see damage/trauma to the muscle tissue. The chick appears to be in no acute distress. It is calm and resting. Breathing is normal. I have separated him from the others to avoid pecking. He is on a bed of pine shavings with food and water. I have never seen this dog before not do I know who owns it.

    What should I do?
    What medicine do I need?
    Is topical medication enough?

    I am sorry I can not upload pictures at this time.
    I fear that what I need will not be available to me since today is Sunday. Anyone with any advice would greatly be appreciated.
  2. HP and neosporin. Keep it warm and comfortable.
  3. 22Renee22

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    May 7, 2012
    Southeast Texas
    I am sorry....what is HP? Thank you for your input.
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    I'm not positive and I am no chicken expert, but I would guess hp is Hydrogen peroxide.

    good luck!
  5. yeah, hydrogen peroxide. sorry bout that.
  6. missypebble

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    Mar 11, 2011
    how is your RIR doing? There's a lot of good info about attending wound, and correct me please, if I am wrong, but I think hydrogen peroxide isn't recommended to clean chicken's wound. I use antiseptic to clean the wound gently, let it dry for a little, then apply Neosporin, the one without the pain killer though.

    I think you'll need to get your RIR into some forms of antibiotic, for example, Duramycin that should be available in all feed / tractor supply store. From my experience, make sure you keep your chicken hydrate, isolated in a nice, warm/ cozy environment. Offer good protein like boiled eggs or scramble eggs that can be mixed into a mash with probiotic. Try not to encourage your chicken to make too many movements for the first day at least. I think your chicken will be in good shape to a nice recovery. Again, lots of people in here offer many good advices so I don't think you should be short of info to make good decisions!

    Good luck and I'm very sorry to hear about the incident.

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