4 year old pekin soft eggs


Aug 3, 2019
Hi I have 5 birds and every few days a soft egg gets laid. Today my pekin hen came up to me and fluffed herself up and laid it in front of me on the lawn.the other ran over and eat it.
Shes well in herself and shells and grit down for them all.any ideas why? Ive had 4 now and shes about4 years old..also today someone has laid the tiniest egg ever.and can only be her or the bother bantam.due to colour.or my naked neck that's chick is 7 weeks now may have started laying again ???
Your geographic location sure could assist us in giving you answers to your questions. How about taking a minute and adding that info to your profile?

The "why" of soft eggs is complex. I have a small fleet of new layers, and I'm finding an occasional soft egg under their perch come morning. It doesn't seem to be affecting their ability to lay normal eggs, though. So I assume it's a quirk in her newly developing laying skills, whichever one of the five it is.

Some hens fall off laying in the fall as they approach molt. It's not easy for a hen to produce protein for new feathers and eggs at the same time.

Older hens can have egg quality issues due to their aging shell gland and ability to absorb calcium adequately. In this case, a calcium supplement of calcium citrate for a few days will work a miracle sometimes.

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