4 yr old Silkie Rooster, Diarrhea, Ashe Color comb.

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    We have a 4 year old Silkie Rooster usually very territorial when it comes to his hens and loves to crow. A couple of days ago we noticed his tail starting to droop, and he stayed the the pen house quite a bit. We were able to catch him have him isolated in a large pen in the house with blankets over the cage to help keep in the warmth. His tail is droopy, Head inward near his body and his comb is a little red faded but mostly ashe color, and diarrhea, mainly watery brown. Yesterday we thought he was improving was drinking on his own and was eating some cooked rice we put out. Today drank very little had to coax him and now is not eating and a little wobbly with his balance. Any home remedies or simply remedies we can try to get him back on track? Any help would be great.

    Maria Furtado
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    My first thought would be worms. Worms basically suck the life out of their host if they get too overloaded. The chicken will loose its color due to blood loss. They can also cause the stool to be runny or foamy.

    Keep your eye out for bloody stool. If you see this, you need to get him on CoRid ASAP. This would be coccidia.
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