40 eggs Blue, Splash, and Black Orpingtons & Blue Turkens

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    Dec 13, 2007
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    I have 40 eggs that where collected Sat, Sun and today. Most of these eggs are Large Fowl Orpington eggs. In 1 pen I have a Splash Rooster over 5 Blue and 3 Black hens so you will only get Blue or Splash from these eggs and in the other pen I have a Black Rooster with Black hens (Bamachicken stock) and 2 Blue hens so most of these will be pure black but there could be a few BBS.

    Also included in this box of eggs are 8 to 10 Blue Turken eggs. All the eggs got mixed together when they where gathered, so there is no way I can definately pick out the Turken eggs.

    I can ship these tomorrow if anyone is interested and will include any eggs that are layed before I go to the P.O.

    The Orps are laying pretty well right now if anyone is interested in smaller batches of eggs please PM me.
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    Bamachicken stock??? Are you kiddin' me! I gotta have these! Ohhhhh, I really want these.
    No, I can't. I'm afraid they won't get here in time. I'm gonna be out of state, leaving Friday and returning Monday.
    Oh, James, I am sure these are lovely birds! Wish I could get them!

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