40 pounds of pellets, and TEN pounds of DUST!


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Jul 22, 2008
South Central MA
I am sick of the amount of 'feed dust' that a 50 lb. bag of pellets has. The birds don't know what to do with this 'crumby dust'. I try to recycle it day after day, by putting the previous day's 'dust' on top of the new day's feed.

But this amount of leftover 'feed dust' just keeps accumulating.

Somtimes I feel like sifting the pellets and just throwing out all the 'dust'!

Know what I mean? What do you do?
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No matter what type of dry feed for any animal there will always be dust, just a fact of life. The more it is handled the more dust it is going to create. Anywho, you can mix it into a little plain yogurt,oatmeal or roll melon type fruit in it and make a coating. A little water added to it and make little cakes or balls for them to toy with. The possibilities are endless unless of course you run out of dust!
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I mix wet brewers grain with the dust and the chicks love it. I never waste it I mix it so it's damp and crumbly.
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Yeah. just adding water, feeding in a separate bowl and instant treat. Its what I do with the fine stuff when I empty and clean the feeder.
Don't be surprised that they prefer it to dry feed. Don't be shocked if when you feed them dry feed again, they look up, as if to say, "Hey! What's this dry stuff?" "Where's our nice, moist food?"
yeah, i can see that. little rascals.

who wants cheerios without milk after all, right!

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