45 day old eggs?

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    I work for a SC fresh shell egg producer and none of our eggs sit for over 3 or 4 days in our cooler, before they go to the stores or foodservice industries. I know some of the specialty eggs we purchase from outside sources may be 5 or 6 days old when we receive them in, but they have a 45 day use by date on them. Some of our eggs were even rejected by a vendor in Florida because they were too warm when the truck arrived. They had been processed and put straight on the truck within 24 hours of laying and were still warm. I know Wal-Mart tries to move their stock from the distribution centers within 72 hours or less of being received in. If you out there are finding eggs that are 45 days old in the stores, I would complain because some Dairy Manager is not doing his/her job of making sure the stock is being rotated!
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    [​IMG] and [​IMG] from Ohio. Thanks for the tip.
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    [​IMG] from PA!!! [​IMG] Thanks for the info!!
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    Welcome, from Eastern Wa. thanks for sharing the tip.

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