45 days-Persistent Broody/ 4 babies!! surrogate to 3 more eggs...

Discussion in 'Incubating & Hatching Eggs' started by chicks4kids, Aug 28, 2010.

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    I have this broody I call Wook. She went broody last month and was due to hatch the end of July. When day 21 rolled around and nothing happened, I got a little concerned. Not much though because she had hatched out before and I knew she was capable. However, the problem was with me in that I didn't candle her eggs. Dumb. Dumb. Dumb. So on day 23 I candled her eggs and discarded all of them........they just weren't fertile or had died early on.

    So I decided to put 5 more under her, even after considering that she might not sit another 21 days, and her health would have to be watched very carefully. But I do know this chickens dedication. So every other day, I got her off of her nest to spend 10 minutes outside to do whatever.........relieve herself mostly [​IMG] And sure enough on Friday, after 45 days of sitting, she hatched out 4 of the 5-one of the eggs I discarded on day 10. She is sooo happy....but still not getting up. About 4 days after she started sitting on her new eggs a 1st time broody barred rock decided it was her turn. Well a couple days ago (on the barred rocks day 15), she decided she wasn't ready and got off of her eggs. She had 4, but had busted one open on Thursday morning and I found a developing dead baby chick [​IMG] I put those 3 eggs that the barred rock had left under Wook. They are due to hatch on Tuesday.

    I've got my fingers crossed that she'll continue to sit until then and I also have her food and water right by her so that she can teach her new babies to eat and drink without getting up to do it. So far so good [​IMG] I don't want to take her babies away and put them in a brooder until then because she has sat for so long. Please wish Wook luck in holding out and hatching out those last 3 eggs!! If she sits til Tuesday, that'll make it 49 days!! [​IMG] She's eating fine, drinking vitamin and electrolyte water, and still getting every other day exercise.

    Keep your fingers crossed for Wook!! Here's her with her newest babies......as of this morning.....

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    AWWW how sweet! Go Wook Go! [​IMG]
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    Well, Wook decided to get up and walk around with her 4 babies too often this afternoon. So I've set up a brooder in the house for the 4 chicks for now. Once the 4 were away from her and out of ear shot, she quickly sat upon those 3 remaining eggs. I feel bad for taking those chicks, but I candled those 3 others today and I'm pretty sure 2 out of the 3 are good. I could barely see through the 3rd egg though.......so we'll see.

    I'm thinking that I'll let her see the babies about twice a day for a little mommy/baby time until the others hatch so that she knows they're there still and they still know their mama. Anyone ever do this??

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