45 lb. of mealworms..oh my


5 Years
Oct 17, 2016
Northeast Ohio
Well in this crazy holiday shipping season, things went like this..
I went to order a certain brand of mealworms on Amazon, but they were pretty much out of mealworms, period.

I went directly to the brand website I like and ordered 25 lbs. Of mealworms as it was a special offer.

The vendo, in CA, had some shipping issues due to COVID-19, so my delivery sat for weeks not even having been accepted by a certain national shipping company.

so I went back to Amazon and ordered 10lbs of another brand. That got lost in shipping. So I got a refund, and ordered another 10lbs.

the Amazon SECOND delivery was received last night.
the FIRST (lost) 10lb. Order came today.

I just got a text from certain national shipping company that my ORIGINAL order of 25lbs. Is coming on Monday.

So, wow, duckies will be happy, but if anyone is in dire need of mealworms in NE Ohio, please pm me, lol.
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I buy 44 lbs at one time, but boy I had no idea shipping was so messed up this year. Sure hope folks who ordered poultry didn't have those problems. If your ducks are like mine meal worms are better than any thing else in this whole world. They have told me this many times. :lol:

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