5 1/2 Month Old Blue SIlkie Roo CENTRAL, PA

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    Sep 22, 2013
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    I have a Blue Silkie Roo that's almost 6 months old that I'd like to find a new home for. (His feathers are still coming in- also he has 5 toes like a silkie should).

    I've had this guy since the day he hatched. I had hoped he was a she, but he started crowing 3 weeks ago, and has since developed many of the characteristics of a Silkie Roo. My neighbors aren't thrilled with his crowing, so I am trying to find him a good home. He is very sweet and loves being petted. I handle him a lot and he falls asleep when you hold him and pet his neck. I got him from my brother who raises silkies, I could give him back, but he might end up at auction, and then most likely food, which I'd prefer to avoid. He is so calm and not aggressive at all toward my 6 month old leghorn hen (they are about the same size). I am in Upper Chester County, PA near Morgantown, only a few miles from the Turnpike exit. I will not ship him, you must be able to pick-up. He is free to a good home.

    Also, the eggs I am getting from my leghorn are fertilized. I haven't attempted to hatch any.

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