5 1/2 week old chick, limpng, lethargic!!

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  1. Hi, one of my chicks "dolly" got a limp about a week or two ago and I have been keeping an eye on her and she gets up to eat and drink but sleeps most of the day. Last night I picked her up to inspect her foot (I don't see any signs of swelling or slipped tendon issues) and I noticed that she is so much lighter/thinner than the other chicks her size. I'm thinking since she sleeps all the time her muscles are not developing properly, She doesn't really have any meat on her bones you could say. I feed my chicks medicated because I had lost 3 due to coccidiosis (they where about 5-6 days old) everybody had told me "don't feed them medicated!" But they do make it for a reason.

    We almost lost her as well from that, could she just be really messed up from it still? Should I give her some vitamins, which ones? I really don't want to lose her, she's so sweet. If anyone has ANY questions or suggestions on what I should do , please let me know!! Btw can I give probiotics? Or would that mess up with the food?

    p.s. The batch that my feed barn had got in was slightly weak because they came from over 1000 miles away in the winter! (still mad about that) Any help or experience is more than welcome!!!
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    Do you have a nearby feed store where you could purchase a new bag of fresh feed? Medicated feed doesn’t always prevent coccidiosis, but watching for signs, and using Corid for symptoms is good.

    I would definitely start some vitamins that contain most vitamins including riboflavin (B2.) Poultry Cell 1 ml daily by mouth would be good, or you could use something in the water like Vitamins With Lactobacillus by Rooster Booster, or even 1/2 tablet of crushed B Complex in a treat daily. Do not use NutriDrench as it does not have riboflavin.

    Vitamin or mineral deficiency, leg bone deformities that get worse with age, or injuries can cause problems. When they don’t get around well enough, they do not gain weight, and may suffer immunity problems to common illnesses.
  3. Are these all people vitamins? Or should I get ones for chicken/livestock only? I will be looking into these and where I can get them. What would the rations be? Thanks for the advice!

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