5/19 What did YOU do today?

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    Feb 13, 2011
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    today; despite headache; I was a chaperone on a field trip to Lincolns New Salem Historic park.

    it is REALLY a neat experience; one I recommend anyone in this area go to!


    Lincoln lived there for a few years; had a store..went broke doing it lol..but kept on..
    It is really neat with Log cabin style builldings; one room schoolhouse that doubled as a church,
    they met a blacksmith who used a giant bellow to stoke the fire (when I say giant; I mean GIANT)
    who then shaped the iron into tools to be used...
    the kids were REALLY amazed to see NO electricity there, they were dumbfounded when the
    historical actors stated they used candlelight to do everything...they were even more dumbfounded
    and at a loss for words when they realized there were no cars and no buses to take them to the grocery store
    which was maybe 1/2 mile away..that they had to walk...

    they said it was "Stupid" lol...and I have to say; my child (the one in the pink hat) is the ONLY one who didnt
    complain about how much walking we did today...(probably helps we exercise and go to Taekwondo so she's used
    to a workout)...one girl was complaining the WHOLE time I gotta sit down my feet hurt I'm like girl, we've been here 10 minutes!!
    she's like i know...its a lot of walking! LOLOL...

    poor girl..she wouldnt have survived!!

    I am also floored at the amt of trouble the group had reading the signs and just trying to find the scavenger hunt items!! My girl was
    so upset by the time we left b'cuaz the other kids didnt let her read the signs!! (she's my studious one!)..so she is begging me to
    go back so she can read the signs lol..good thing its close..we'll make an afternoon of it and I'll print out the teachers activity paper
    for my 7th grader so we can make it into a history lesson!

    Anyway; a few pics:
    Carding Mill & Wool House:

    School/Church combo:
    Commonly called a "blab" school, the students learned by repeating their lessons out loud over and over




    Ash Hopper (used to make soap!)


    One of many horses & Mules:


    Lincoln Statue;
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    Land of Lincoln
    I love going there!
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    Oct 13, 2010
    How fun! Beats my day, cleaning a "garage" complete with a dozen beady rat eyes watching and a trip to the dump
  4. arabianequine

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    Apr 4, 2010
    Trying to help sick goats!

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