5 Buff Pekin (Cochin Bantam) chicks and Rouen duck hen--SOLD

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    Out of about 30 chicks hatched out, we have 5 Buff Pekin (Cochin Bantams) left for sale. Hatched on 08-07 and 08-08. I thought they were sold, but once the buyer came to the farm and saw the more colorful Brahma chicks, he and his kids decided to Brahma chicks instead. Asking $20 for all 5. The photos show them at 1-2 days and 1 week old. The first picture of them at 1 week old makes them appear white because of the lighting, but as you can tell by the close-up of just one, they are buff.

    Pictures and more information available on my website at www.hensonacres.com. Feel free to PM me or visit my site for more contact information.

    UPDATE: Cochins SOLD

    We also have a Rouen hen looking for a good home. The photo of her was taken 08-17-12. She is about a year old. We are asking a small rehoming fee of $10 for her. She is the last duck hen that we have available. We have sold all others except for our breeders and one pet duck. Loves our other ducks and geese. We just have limited space and need the room. She does go broody and would make an excellent pet, mate for your drake, broody duck, or addition to your flock.

    Feel free to visit our website to see all that we have available at www.hensonacres.com, call Tim at 269-207-9746, or PM with any questions. Thanks!
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