5 chickens and 8 eggs in one day!?


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May 12, 2020
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I've got 5 Production Red pullets, laying for about two and a half weeks. Lately they have been diligently providing me with five eggs each morning. One per bird, as expected. Initially there were a few thin or soft shells, but for the past few days they seem to be your regular, garden variety eggs.
This morning, as usual, I gathered five eggs. All different sizes, slightly different shades of brown. I assumed each bird had laid an egg.
Duties done, I let them all out to range the yard. The run was clean. They had their day frolicking in the garden and were back in the run early evening.
Later I went to lock up and found three soft shelled eggs lying one beside the other under the outdoor perch in the run. They were not there when I put then hens back in the run in the early evening. No question.
Did one chicken lay a normal egg this morning and then just pop out three soft shelled eggs this evening?
Or did three hens lay a normal egg this morning and coincidentally lay another soft shelled one, twelve hours later, right next to each other?
Is it even possible for a hen to deliver FOUR eggs in one day, let alone TWO?
What the heck? Anyone ever hear of something like this? The hormones must be running rampant! Poor thing, whoever it is!!
By the way, the hens all seem to be unstressed and happy. Not frightened, eating well, nobody getting bullied too badly or pecked. No predator scares, lots of dust baths and scratching in the dirt with abandon, and they like to hang out with me when I'm gardening and follow me like dogs.


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Nov 27, 2012
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Are you only gathering once a day in the morning?
'Extra' egg in a day from the same bird are likely to be softshells.

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