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    Dec 1, 2014
    So its that time of year again where the mouse/rats come out. thankfully we dont have to worry about the big city NY rats (ew) but while i was picking the water up to change the chickens water there was a baby mouse underneath it burrowed. of course i screamed. my chickens were oblivious to him. he ran out anyway lol. my question is if they had seen the mouse dont you think that they would have pecked at it and even possibly killed it? PS. anyone eve use mint to deter rodents away? and how sucessful is it. There always going to be aroun but in the next few months there visit i want to reduce the times i see them in the coop. lol!
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    Some chickens will try to kill/eat them and others won't. My grandfather used to yell at me when I didn't want to help him kill them.

    We would find them half eaten from time to time. Chickens would catch man eat them.

    I use mouse traps around places the chicks can't get them. If you don't want to kill them but s little live trap.
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    If you're lucky they will.
    Those little buggers will be moving inside with the coming colder weather,
    I set lots of traps this time of year,
    toss fresh carcasses to the chooks,
    free animal protein for them.

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