5 chicks dead in last month


8 Years
Mar 22, 2011
Is it normal for chicks under 1 month of age to die? I see no signs at all of any illness. I open the shed in the morning and I find a dead chick. Its the 5th one in a month. I suspected cold weather but its also happening on warmer nights. Poops look normal, birds act normal. No older birds died. Whats the normal death rate with young chicks?
I'm a newbie so take that into consideration, but chicks need to be kept VERY warm. Do you have a heat light for them?

ETA: You can buy a thermometer to measure the temp. With chicks that young, I *always* keep them inside. They must stay warm.
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I have them sitting under this
I've only raised 1 group of chicks so far (I have 12 more coming in next week) but...like Denise said, they need to be kept warm. I wouldn't recommend moving them outside until they are feathered, like 8 + weeks. Good rule of thumb, start them at 95 degrees F then decrease temp by 5 degrees F each week.
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yes thank you. Although I have found some dead under the heater too. Not in groups but I think a couple weeks apart there where 2 that died directly under the heater.

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