5 cuckoo marans eggs and 2 sizzle eggs for sale!

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  1. I have hens from a hatchery and they are in with a cuckoo rooster, the one hen lays a dark egg nothing to get overly excited about and the other lays just a brown egg. I am just getting started here. I do have 3 you pullets that are not at breeding age yet. So with that being said.....I have up for sale 5 cuckoo marans eggs and 2 sizzles (I am just starting with those. To date I have 7 sizzle babies and my friend has 5) If you are interested just let me know. The price is $15 and that is shipping included. I can send them out tomorrow! Thanks [​IMG] If you want them put SOLD! Then send me a PM so I can give you my paypal info! [​IMG]
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