5 day old baby scovies, no mother.....help?

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by spish, Apr 16, 2011.

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    Apr 7, 2010
    ok im going in the morning to pick up 5 baby scovies off a lady who says their momma got squished [​IMG], they will be about 5 days old. now its been a while since ive had baby ducks about so im a bit rusty...what do i need food wise? will chick startd be ok until i get a duck started next week? what makes the best water bowl for ducks (that they cant get in but can still clear their nostrils) when can they have water to swim in? whats the temp i need to keep them at (under a lamp?) any other advice?
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    chick starter is fine for them.....i use non-medicated. at 5 days old, their brooder temp under the light should be 90 degrees. i used a gallon-size poultry waterer for mine. without a mom to preen them, the ducklings are not waterproof (they don't have the gland yet). you can let them swim for a few minutes, but be sure to watch them closely as they will become tired, soaked and cold very fast. some people wait until they are about 5 weeks old before giving them bathing water. this is my first season with ducks and mine are only 6 weeks, so hopefully others will post more info for you.
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    I keep mine in a translucent rectangular shaped storage bin. I kept it at 90 degrees when they were a week old, now they are 3 weeks old and I keep it at 80 degrees. I have a regular chicken waterer and feeder in with them and a heavy coffee mug that they can dip their whole head into. I let mine swim twice a day for a few minutes and stay with them the whole time they are swimming. During the day I keep them in the front yard in a bottomless brooder that I made from a large dog cage wrapped in chicken wire. Late afternoon I take the plastic indoor brooder out and transfer them to it and bring them in for the night. Our daytime temps have been from 84 to 87 lately.

    I line the indoor brooder with puppy pee pads and have a non skid shelf liner under their water and food dishes.


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