5 day old chick died


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May 23, 2011
I had a chick that was 5 days old today start to look a bit droopy. He seemed not interested. He had been eating and drinking. I had not been able to get him to eat but he took maybe a couple of spoonfulls of water this afternoon bu me dipping his beak in the spoon. i noticed white yellowish more white than colored on his bottom. sticky like diareah below his vent. I washed it off. he didnt seem to mind me picking him up even though all week none of them have cooperated with this. I had him sitting with me and he ran up my shoulder to me neck to nuzzle in but did not peep. i was trying to get him to eat. He could walk and i thought he was doing better as he joined his buddies and went to sleep. I checked him again and decied to wash his butt and put him in his own box till i figured out what was wrong. The seemed ok still . All of the sudden he went into jerking seizures . so violent that he convulsed out of my hand onto the floor. a small drop as i was sitting there and did not have him far up. WHY did he sieze? is this a symptom of something specific? I had one from my first batch i hatched 5 weeks agon and one with pasty butt, did the same thing. By the time i noticed somebody didnt look so good and cleaned him up he didnt last hours. Is this just nature or should i be very concerned for my other chicks and chickens
me too. I so wanted him to make it . Sad for any of them . But he was so cute. im just worried that something may be wrong and the other chicks will get sic. now there is 10 left of this batch and 9 of the 5 weeks. I also have 7 older hens from last year and a roo. I havent fed medicated feed but accidently got a bag the other day so i will start them on that tomoro but it would be nice to know. The seizzure scared the heck out of me as he leaped out of my hand and after it was done he was hard nad laid out. also had a bit of fliud come out of his beak. not loads and loads but a fair amount.
atleast it happened while i was still up so he wasnt in with the others all night. I had one go the other day but he was a late hatcher and was smaller and tho he probally wouldnt have made it the others trampled and layed on top of him.

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