5 day old chick dies???


9 Years
Dec 15, 2013
San Antonio, Texas
I had a chick 5-7 days old that was fine last night around 3am... then this morning around noon i found it lathargic, like its sleeping, could barley open its eyes any, legs wouldnt work, wings wouldnt work, kinda tilted its head back... though it sat up right... an hour later it was dead...

Looks like its sleeping, then dead the next min...

What causes this? How do i treat it?

They are on medicated chick starter from the feed store... never had a problem with it before.... then they have electrolites and pro bioticts in their water....

Natural selection got this one, but i need to learn to prevent anything if i can.... dont want to loose another if theres something i can do... the one that died was strong and g2g till it died..
You're doing good with the probiotics in the water.
Don't overdo the vitamins/electrolytes. A little goes a long way and the starter feed has all they need.

Things that cause sudden death in chicks that age are extremely rare except 'sudden death syndrome'. The cause is unknown. It just happens.

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