5 day old chick...gasping for air!! HELP! UPDATE!

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    I have a 5 day old chick, I hatched in the bator. She is gasping for air...and standing with her wings droopy. I have not seen her eat or drink for 2 days...so today I went and got baby vitamins, and plain yogurt with active cultures...I put one drop of vitamins in a 4 oz baby animal bottle, with water, and have been "dripping" 3 or 4 drops in her mouth about every hr. I mixed some yogurt with chick starter...and try to get some in her beak...but with her gasping, im not sure if she will choke on it. She is seperated from the other 4, and under heat light at 95 degrees. Am I doing the right thing?? Is there anything else I can do?? Is she doomed???

    My poor little Waffle passed away this evening. [​IMG] I didnt see anything in her throat...im just glad I had her seperate from the rest. They are not on pine shaveings...they are still on cloth rags. Being there are only 5, its so much easier to clean. She was the one I had to help out of her egg....she just wasnt meant to be, i guess. [​IMG] RIP Waffle.
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    Jan 31, 2007
    What about teramyacin? I had to use it on chicks from the feed store and it semed to help? Good Luck!
  3. justusnak

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    I have SULMET.....will that work?? It says...for the treatment of, Infectious Coryza,Coccidiosis,Acute Fowl Cholera,Pullorum Disease.
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    i think that may help
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    I like raw apple cider vinegar.

    Apple cider vinegar destroys microorganisms, including bacteria, fungi, viruses and others, and prevents poisons from reaching the rest of the systems of the body
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  6. justusnak

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    I went to town today, in search of the ACV. We live in a very small town, we dont even have a super Wal Mart...I looked for it at every place in town. Nothing. All ACV was distilled. There is another town over....about 45 min away. With gas prices I am not sure I can go that far....was hopeing the SULMET would help. Poor little Waffle....she just looks so miserable. [​IMG]
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    How is your poor baby tonight? I had that happen with one of mine and she died. I think she may have eaten some shavings and got it caught in her throat. That's all I could figure since she was perfectly fine a half hour before. If that's the case, I'm not sure there's anything you can do. I sure do hope and pray she pulls through. Let us know the latest, okay?
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    Feb 6, 2007
    does it look like it has the hiccups? I lost 7 bird and looked as if they had the hiccups

    It was pneumonia put all of your birds on sulmet.

    Then the chick bird add sugar to the water and sulmet we would give it 1 - 2ml a hr from a eye dropper just give it to it slowly and dip it on the end of the beak and she will drink it from there we found when they got full they would shake it off and not drink it we all took chick started put it in the food pross. and milled it to a fne powder and added sugar water with sulmet to it then poured it thou a screen to get the large lumps out and we feed this via the eye drooper also after we were able to find out what was wrong we could then treat it. It took about 2 days and the sick birds made a turn around and you cant tell them apart now.

    Make sure they have food and water also so if they get to were they can eat they have some thing to eat.

    I hope this helps
  9. birdlover

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    Jan 11, 2007
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    I'm so sorry about poor little Waffle. I know how sad you feel. [​IMG]
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    I'm very sorry to hear about Waffle :aww
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