5 day old chick pecked in the eye

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    Hi all. I have a five day old chick that seems to have been pecked in the eye. I noticed earlier, the eye lid is stuck shut, but not all the way across. I can see eye movement on the near and far edge of the eye. It is stuck shut in the middle of the lid. I used a q-tip and warm water to gently help her to open it, but it is stuck shut again tonight. There is no swelling or discharge or crusties, so I'm not worried about disease, but I'm wondering the best way to keep it clean while it heals, or the best way to help her open it if it gets stuck again. Thanks so much!!!
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    I'd use saline flushes or veterycin eye wash to keep it clean and unstuck.
    If you see any signs of infection you can use Terramycin eye ointment.
    Both the ointment and the veterycin are at my local TSC.
    The veterycin eye wash may be in the dog/cat aisle, but is good for all species.

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