5 Day old chick sounds and strange behavior

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    Mar 10, 2012
    I am new to chicks and have googled chick sounds and haven't found anything helpful so I decided to join the forum after my google searches leading me back time and time again! So far it's been a huge help!!

    I've got 5 chicks who are about 5 days old. After some mild pasty butt issues they all seem to be doing quite well. They are active and alert and all are eating and drinking well. I changed the shavings in the box today and am seeing nice solid poos finally so hopefully the sticky butt situation will clear up soon!

    My first sound I am curious about reminds me of a purring? I was petting one chick and it made almost like a kissing or tsk tsk sound? It reminded me of the happy sound my bunny makes so I am hoping it is also a happy sound? The chick wasn't trying o escape at the time but also wasn't exactly snuggling down for a nice nap in my lap either......

    My second sound is coming from a different chick who has been making a sound all day today that is more like a normal bird chirp or a fast tremolo peep instead of a single staccato peep.....almost like a squeaky gym sneaker? or a really high pitched dove. so hard to explain.

    The rest are napping - they all ate and drank earlier and this one gets up occasionally and stands up extra tall and makes the noise a few times before settling back down. I saw "her" make the noise while still laying down but she still stretched her head up tall to look around while "cooing". Just now I watched her get up a go over to another chick and sort of stand over her (the other chick was napping) and make the sound then go back to sleep.

    I know it's too soon for rooster behavior (or so I'm told) but I'm nervous something could be wrong?

    Watching her now (the noise / walking around has happened 2-3 times while writing this post!) and she almost walks around like she's looking for someone or checking on the other birds before settling back down?

    Also, if it matters, it's not the runty one (who does sometimes separate herself from the group but seems otherwise normal) in fact it's the one we call "moo" because she's one of the bigger ones.
    Thanks In Advance!

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