5 day old Chick spit up foam!!!

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  1. My 5 day old silkie chick spit up foam when I picked up up? She is acting normal. What could that be from? Should I worry?

    Also, when my 2 day old buff silkies drink, they lift their heads backwards after they are done drinking, is that normal?

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    OK, what color was it and did it smell? Maybe it just drank some water and you loved on it a little too hard when you picked it up?

    Help us with more deswcription please [​IMG]

    And I hope it works out OK.
  3. It was clear foam, and it didnt smell. I think maybe it drank too much. Could that be? And when I picked it up, somehow some pressure was applied to its crop and it expelled it?

    Im very gentle with them.
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    Just keep a close eye on them. It sounds as though it may have drank too much. Has this happened more than once? As for putting the head back, that sounds normal to me. All mine take a drink and then look at the sky with an open mouth till it all goes down then takes another drink.
  5. Keep an eye on the chick that spit up the foam...

    As for the lifting the heads after taking a drink, that is completely normal. That is how birds swallow. Not just chickens, but all birds. Since they do not have the same muscles that we do, what they do is collect the water in their beaks and tilt their heads back to swallow it down [​IMG]

    It's actually rather cute [​IMG]

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